Dwarf filmed driving could be stripped of ‘death wish’ licence over safety fears

A famous actor with dwarfism is in danger of having his driving licence taken off him.

Ghana-born Don Little – also know as Enti Den GH on Instagram – caused outrage when a recent Instagram video of him driving went viral.

The video of him in a sports car shows him being propped up by a huge cushion in the driving seat.

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It is not clear how he is controlling the pedals, however.

And now a leading critic has called on the Diver and Vehicle Licence Authority (DVLA) to remove his licence to drive his expensive cars because he poses a danger to others, a local news outlet reports.

Speaking to journalist Kofi Adoma Nwanwani, actor Oboy Siki said: “Ghanaian police have made a big mistake because he (Don Little) doesn't qualify for driving with his height.

“He can't even acquire a license but someone manager to obtain it for him illegally.”

To clarify, he provided no evidence of his claim that the licence was not legal.

He went on: “The office which issues licences put a lot of things into consideration before granting an individual a licence.

“There are rules and regulations that guide their operations – in Ghana, we take a lot of these things for granted.

“How can he manage when his car hits a big pothole?

“What hands will he use to hold on tight to the steering wheel?

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“He can easily fall.

“Whoever got him that license is looking for his death – I will admonish Don Little to desist from driving.”

He also claimed the actor and comedian could have obtained the licence while abroad, but this was not confirmed.

Despite the comments, his 147k-strong army of Instagram followers have no issues with him driving.

One wrote: “You are the don.”

While another praised his ability to “problem solve”.

Most of his fans posted laughing emojis, while several used the flame emoji.

The Daily Star has reached out to Don Little for a comment.

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