‘Earth is trying to destroy all humans like a virus,’ conspiracy theory claims

A bizarre conspiracy theory has claimed the Earth is trying to "remove the human race like a virus" – and people on TikTok believe it.

The clip, taken from Episode two of the "Class is Cancelled" podcast, shows co-hosts Western Carica and Brandon Mcelroy delving into some wild conspiracy theories – including one that sounds like it came straight out of Kingsman: The Secret Service.

It claims that humans are the virus and the Earth is a living organism that is trying to fight it off – much like the theory posed by Samuel L. Jackson's character Valentine, who used it as justification for his evil plot.

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In the video, which has gained more than 106,000 likes, Brandon Mcelroy said: "I have a crazy theory for you that the Earth is trying to remove the human race for good."

The co-host went on to explain: "The Earth is an organism, so that means that the earth is living.

"So if the world is alive and it's kind of interconnected, it's nervous system.

"We have the plants, we have roots, everything that's attached to it, everything is connected.

"The theory is that the earth is a living being and humans are the virus. I see where this is going.

"If you think about when a human gets sick, our bodies create antibodies to get rid of the virus, right? Right.

"We wanna kill it off. So just like that, the Earth will create natural disasters like earthquakes, droughts, fires, to kill off the virus that is hurting the Earth. We are the virus."

TikTok users took to the comments claiming that they believe the theory and that it's the reason why climate change is happening.

One user said: "It sounds crazy but it is the truth. Nature is alive."

Another wrote: "Nah, cause it's true tho." [sic]

A third commented: "This isn't crazy, I thought it was obvious."

However, others thought it was unrealistic, as one wrote: “'I have a crazy theory' no you don’t, you watched Kingsman."

Another argued: "Well, we are herpes and it will never get rid of us."

A third wrote: "This theory is soo interesting but the Earth also heals us with plants, grounds us, transfers energy to us, maybe it’s trying to heal us too."

A fourth commented: "Think though bro. if the Earth really wanted us gone. the movie" the happening" would happen. so I don't think this theory has legs."

New episodes of Class is Cancelled podcast can be found on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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