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A so-called "UFO" appeared behind a pop band as they livestreamed an online concert.

Alain Gomez, singer and founding member of the electro-music band Famasloop, said they were presenting their new song "Balcon" when a mysterious moving light appeared.

The singer told news agency Newsflash that he was performing an online concert from an apartment in Mexico City when the "UFO" was supposedly spotted in the background.

In the footage, a bright light is seen in the background through the window behind the singer as the band performs from other locations.

It floats in the air for a second, flashes around, and then darts vertically out of view in a split second.

The band said on social media: “We are musicians, not meteorologists or astronomers, and we do not want to lose focus… but we cannot stop saying ‘if we are alone in the Universe, it sure seems like an awful waste of space’,” quoting famous astronomer Carl Sagan.

The band added jokingly: “We already suspected that our music could be linked to other galaxies!”

The concert footage went viral on social media with many claiming the object was indeed an alien spacecraft, however, Gomez had his own suggestion.

He speculated: “I believe that what we see in the video is not an object as such, but a meteorological phenomenon.”

Reports said there was a lightning storm taking place in Mexico City during the mysterious sighting.

The mystery furthered when the video was suddenly removed from YouTube while people were sharing the link.

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However, the Famasloop frontman explained that the song had featured in a TV series and encountered a copyright issue on the platform.

The issue was promptly fixed and the band uploaded the show to YouTube a week later.

Some claimed the video had been edited, however, Gomez assured sceptics that the footage remained as it was when filmed live and no modification had taken place.

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