Eleven things humans do that aliens might find weird if they ever visit Earth

When we imagine aliens, we often think about everything about them that’ll make them seem strange to us.

They’re often depicted as being naked, hairless, emotionless beings with a level of intelligence that is frightening but a nobility that can be rather awe-inspiring.

For some reason, we don’t imagine aliens from the same planet as having different races, languages, religions and cultures like we do on Earth. We imagine them to be quite unified in their identity, while all sharing the same political motive.

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But do we ever stop to think about how we might seem strange to them, and the certain universal behaviours humans display that have no real logical explanation?

There are plenty of things we do everyday that make sense to us but might not make sense to an alien species, the same way a gorilla beating on its chest means something to the gorilla but not much to us humans. Here are 11 things we do that aliens might find weird.

1) Waving

The first thing about us that will confuse aliens is why we feel the need to raise our hands and wave it from side to side when we say hello to each other – a completely unnecessary gesture.

2) Shaking hands

Why do humans feel the need to grab the right hand of a stranger and move it in an up and down motion when we are meeting for the first time or making some kind of agreement? It makes no sense.

3) Kissing

Okay, so the concept of love is fine and all, but why do humans express it by pressing their lips against the lips of their partner? Aren’t there other ways to do this, like rubbing their ears against each other?

4) Crying

So, again with the emotions, it’s completely normal to feel sad when something doesn’t go your way, but why do humans’ eyes leak water when they are upset? Surely they should be doing all they can to keep the water in their bodies to prevent dehydration.

5) Laughing

Joy is such a great feeling, but what’s the need for humans to make that irritating sound from their mouths when they hear, see or read something humorous? Annoying!

6) Clapping hands

What’s up with the whole ‘smacking hands together to make a noise thing’ when humans want to show their approval or appreciation for something? Why not hop in circles on one leg while mooing like a cow instead?

7) Music and dancing

Why do humans start jumping up and down and swaying from side to side when they hear a random sequence of noises without any kind of purpose, structure or order? Like, talk about weird!

8) Sleeping

Right, so humans are only alive for a finite amount of time, so why do they spend as much as a third of that time laying in bed with their eyes closed doing nothing? What a waste of time!

9) Wearing clothes

So, humans wear clothes to keep warm, which makes sense, but why didn’t they just evolve like every other animal to survive naked? Why did they shed all their body hair, and why do they insist on shaving the little body hair they have left when it just keeps growing back?

10) Wars

Okay, sometimes 8 billion people on a tiny blue planet can sometimes feel a little crowded, even though there’s probably room for a lot more, but why do humans fight for a handful of resources when there’s actually enough to go around for everybody? The universe is a big place, you know.

11) Hoarding

Almost every other animal on Earth goes out in the morning, eats to their fill, then rests till the next time they feel hungry without much of a care about what happens tomorrow, but these humans are stocking up on food and resources like they’re going to live forever. What’s the deal with that?

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