Elle Brooke in ‘peak condition’ as she gives boxing opponent new brutal nickname

Pornhub legend Elle Brooke is not holding back in her boxing war of words as she continues to put in the hours at the gym.

Posting a video compilation of her hitting the gym, the Insta star, whose boxing career has taken off this year, posted: "Nearly at the end of camp and feeling in peak condition."

It comes as she is due to face off against Polish influencer Ms Ola Danielka, real name Aleksandra Daniel, next month in a hotly anticipated bout.

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Elle stayed true to form in her trash-talking, posting the same training vid on Twitter, but with the caption: "The Polish Giraffe is getting smoked."

Ola Danielka towers at 6ft tall, with Elle standing at 5ft 1 as the adult star recently conceding that the fight will be her "toughest yet."

She has previously traded barbs with Danielka over her height, having made a reference to her and former Premier League striker Peter Crouch.

"Train hard and fight easy is the mentality, but I am going to have to bring my a-game if I am going to beat Peter Crouch over here," Elle said.

Fans have been quick to rally behind the OnlyFans star.

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"Elle The Giant slayer […] Bigger they are the harder they fall!" one user said.

Danielka meanwhile has not been tight-lipped herself on the upcoming fight.

"If I knew how you make money, I would never touch you," she said after the pair met for the first time.

Not content with that shot, she went on to say: "(Elle) On April 22, You will have a new video of me f***ing you in the ring!"

Never one to not get the last word, Elle duly responded, saying: "Get your translator to translate this @ms.danielka…

"I am coming to make videos in Poland with all the men in your family"

Elle has made a dazzling start to her boxing career, having beaten Love Island star AJ Bunker in her debut fight before going on to beat TikTok star Faith Ordway.

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