Elon Musk renames himself Mr Tweet – but says Twitter won’t let him change back

Elon Musk has decided to change his Twitter name, dubbing himself as "Mr. Tweet", but the new social media owner has a problem.

We’ve all run into problems with our passwords and usernames before – but most of us don’t own the multi-billion dollar social network we are having trouble with.

Musk, who famously bought Twitter in October 2022 for an incredible of $44 billion, has announced that he changed the name of his Twitter account – and now it’s stuck.

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“Changed my name to Mr. Tweet,” he wrote, “now Twitter won’t let me change it back”.

Musk – or perhaps in the light of this new information we we should call him Mr Tweet now – has certainly given his 127 million followers a laugh with his tech troubles.

“If only you knew someone that works there or even the owner,” joked Tennessee mayor Jason Cole, while tech writer Katherine Brodsky added “Now you have no choice but to change it in your legal documents too!”

San Francisco-based tech writer Patrick McGee explained the gag for those of us not in on the joke.

Nicholas Porritt, the lawyer representing a group of shareholders suing Elon Musk over Tesla’s share price accidentally called the SpaceX boss "Mr. Tweet" during a tense courtroom moment on Monday.

When Porritt described it as a "Freudian slip," Musk joked it was "probably an accurate description."

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Musk may have lost a fair amount of money when he bought Twitter, with the company shedding something like $9m since he bought it and over 1.5million users in the UK alone predicted to close their accounts in the next two years.

Insider Intelligence says Twitter’s ad revenue is likely to flatline over the coming year.

Jasmine Enberg from Insider Intelligence says: “There won’t be one catastrophic event that ends Twitter.

“Instead, users will start to leave the platform next year as they grow frustrated with technical issues and the proliferation of hateful or other unsavoury content”.

But, no matter what happened to Twitter, Musk will still have the funniest name on Twitter. As long as he wants to.


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