Elon Musk to go ahead with purchase of Twitter

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Elon Musk is the world’s richest person, a business magnate and one of the most powerful individuals to walk the planet. People who don’t know much about him will definitely know his name. But even some of his biggest fans will not know too much about his characteristics and personality behind his professional technological-fronted mask. A new series named The Elon Musk Show, which aired on BBC2 last night, offered a first look back at his rags-to-riches past and the highly unusual way he wooed his ex-wife, British actress Talulah Riley. 

Ms Riley is filmed taking a seat in front of the camera, where she speaks about her first impressions of her former lover, who she married twice. She described Musk as “very sweet” and that he seemed “quite shy”. 

He even politely asked her “may I put my hand on your knee”, she said, a move which took Ms Riley by surprise. She added: “I said ‘ok, go on then,’ I thought it was quite sweet that he asked.”

She went on to say he invited her out the following day for breakfast, lunch and then dinner, before extending an invitation to his hotel room at an undisclosed location. This is where the true science nerd in him came through, as Ms Riley, originally from Hertfordshire, touched upon.

“We had breakfast, then at the end of breakfast he said, ‘will you come and have lunch with me?’ So, then we went for lunch. Then he said, ‘will you come to dinner?’

“Then I remember one evening he said would you like to come back to my hotel room so we can look at rocket videos?”, she added trying to withhold a giggle in her voice.

“Then I thought, OK, yeah I’ll come back – and we did get into his hotel room and we he did just show me rocket videos.”

Musk and Riley first got married in 2010, but they divorced two years later. They quickly reconciled and got re-married in 2013, but again filed for divorce amicably in 2016.

The self-made billionaire is clearly a talent to behold – but it hasn’t always been that way, as the series said Musk and his brother were ‘laden with student debt’ in the early days and were forced to sleep on the floor of their office.

The SpaceX boss’ mother, Maye Musk, is also quoted as attributing her son’s “genius” qualities to that of her ex-husband, Elon’s father, who exceeded her own talents in mathematics and science, she said. 

The BBC2 series is split into three parts and will feature interviews from ex-workers, lovers, family and enemies as it delves deep to explore Musk’s power and success as being something to be proud of – or something to be scared of. 

Musk’s first company with his brother Kimbal was launched back in 1995, and was named Zip2 – which took a concept such as the Yellow Pages and the internet, which was in its infancy, and merged them together to create a licensed online city guide software. 

Nearly three decades later, Musk’s achievements whether controversial or favoured are endless and the tech mogul shows no signs of slowing his pace. From co-founding online payment system PayPal to forming SpaceX and cofounding electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors.

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His mother said she thought her son was a genius from the early age of three – and that, she added, was due to his reasoning being “sensible.” 

“How do you even do that when you don’t have much experience?”, she added. She even recalled the moment a nursery teacher “rolled their eyes” at her when she dubbed her son a genius, but little did they know Ms Musk’s statement would be correct.

Viewers can see the first episode on BBC iPlayer by pressing here. The second episode will air on October 19 at 9.30pm and the third and final the following week on October 26 – with an exact time yet to be released. 

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