Bigfoot and their elusive ways could be because the legendary creatures are scared that "man can pose a threat" to their lives, an expert said.

Rare sightings and chance encounters with the mysterious beasts have spurred some social media users on as they look for evidence to the existence of the Sasquatch.

But one expert believes the folklore legends are wise to man, and are actively going out of their way to avoid people because they know the encounters could be fatal for them.

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Their "elusive tendency" may go a long way in explaining why there are so few, if any, sightings, an expert has revealed.

Bigfoot expert and filmmaker Thomas Marcum said: "I think many animals, even some humans, can have an elusive tendency.

"Bigfoots, while at times curious about us, still tend to stay back in the forest and live their lives. They understand that man can pose a threat to them, so they, for the most part, avoid us."

The apparent avoidance by the hairy beasts has not stopped some from attempting to encounter a wild Sasquatch of their own.

Expert Marcum had stern words for those that did attempt to come face to face with a legend of the forests though, warning Bigfoot could be "aggressive" and "dangerous".

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Should someone encounter a Bigfoot, then Marcum believes there is a setlist of responses people must go through to make the most of their interaction.

He said: "If you feel threatened or feel you are in danger get out of the area. If you can keep your composure, without a doubt you will be somewhat rattled, attempt to glean all the details.

"Look for something that might give you a height reference. Take note of the colour of the creature. If possible, take photos or video."

But should the creature exit the area, Marcum said people should "then look for footprints and make sure to take photographs" as evidence of the elusive beast.

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