Energy bills: Woman explains how she cuts back on energy

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Fuelprices across the UK have been surging as a combined result of the post-pandemic recovery, extreme weather events and global politics. The UK has seen record prices for both electricity and natural gas, with prices for the latter increasing to more than six times the October 2020 prices. Since 2017, the average UK electricity bill has jumped from £593 to £765.

A number of energy suppliers went bust last year because of spiralling wholesale gas costs.

With this crisis in mind, Mike Foster, CEO of Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), spoke to and gave three tips that households can use to save on their energy bills.

1. Insulate your home

Mr Foster said: “The common sense things to try and do, firstly if you can afford insulation and you haven’t got it, get insulation installed.

“If not, seek advice on what Government grants may be available to you to pay for your house insulation.

“Loft insulation is typically one of the quickest ways in which you can save money on your heating bills.”

2. Fixing your boiler

He said: “Certainly, we would advocate getting your boiler service well maintained so that it is operating as efficiently as possible.

“Get your boiler maintained and serviced, that’s also important.”

3. Smart Control

Mr Foster added: “Depending upon whether you’re able to or not, you can have the best control of your heating through a smart control.

“Or they can keep things like their living room warmer than other rooms they may have in their house as a way of keeping warm.

“These are some practical things that people can do.

“If you have to, start to look at how you heat your homes, and you may have what you call a zone homes so that your living room is sort of a more comfortable temperature than other rooms that you may not use as much.

“That’s when we start off in effect ration what people use and that’s quite a difficult thing because actually, a warm home is a great way of keeping healthy.

“What we don’t want to see ever is people turning off their heating. But we know people do, they ration their heat, because of the cost of it.

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“There are serious risks to health and wellbeing from living in a cold home.

“We advocate talking to energy suppliers to see if there’s any way they can help, making sure they are registered on the primary service register, so that again consumers are protected with the current means that are available.

“We know that each year people do suffer from living in a cold home, there are millions of houses living in fuel poverty at the moment. This is a political problem.

“While individual households can do something, we feel that this is actually a big issue that governments need to do something about.”

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