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A ginormous frog “as big as a human baby” has left a small village in shock after it was captured roaming the area.

Timber mill owner Jimmy Hugo, 35, was hunting wild pig on the outskirts of Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, when he came across the enormous amphibian.

Insane footage shows the reptile perching on local Mostin's knee after being found in the nearby bush.

It seems to be as big as his entire thigh and carries plenty of weight – supposedly 1kg.

Another photo of the huge hopper – believed to be a Cornufer guppy frog – shows the frog’s full outstretched length.

The creature seems to cover half the body of a child from head to feet.

Jimmy says the mutant reptile is the biggest frog he has ever seen.

“It was the same size as a human baby,” he added.

“We call them 'bush chicken' because some villages seem to like them more than chicken, but they're difficult to catch.

“A couple of dogs had caught this one and were playing with it in the bush, which is how I managed to get the photos of it.”

Sadly, there wasn’t a happy ending for the mammoth frog.

Despite its eyes being open in the video, Jimmy says it had already died by the time it was caught so the villagers decided to eat it. As you do.

“Hopefully the next time we see one it will still be alive and we'll keep it that way,” he continued.

The Cornufer guppyi is one of the largest frogs in the world and are usually found from New Britain in the Bismarck Archipelago to the Solomon Islands.

Their numbers have declined in recent years because of logging and community settlements expanding into their natural habitat.

And their sensitive skin is often harmed by detergent chemicals used by humans washing clothes in nearby streams.

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