An exorcist has recalled how he once saw a woman “glowing” after battling a demon to leave her body.

Father Vincent Lampert is the chief exorcist of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis in the US, having had the role approved by the Pope in 1991.

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And since then, he has performed countless exorcisms – although his official training lasted just three months and saw him take part in around 40 of the demonic events.

Having been performing in his own right for decades, he has gone into detail about some of the most horrific experiences he has seen with his own eyes.

Speaking to the Pints with Aquinas podcast, which is all about the Catholic faith, he recalled the story of a woman who had a horrific experience as a child involving sexual and physical abuse.

Years later the woman decided to return to church – having not been since her childhood – and was spoke to by a church pastor.

The encounter proved so terrifying that the pastor enlisted the help of Father Lampert, claiming the woman had been possessed.

When he first met her, after a long chat the woman asked if he would help her, to which he replied: “Jesus is going to help you.”

He said: “And that's when the demon manifested.

“The person's eyes turned green and her pupils turned slanted like a serpent.”

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According to the expert, the demon then said: “Who's he? He has no power of us.”

He then put Holy Water on her head, which supposedly caused the demon-infested woman to drop to the floor and start whimpering.

A week later, the priest decided to perform an actual exorcism.

The woman, who was sitting strapped to a chair in the middle of the building, was blessed with Holy Water which "forced the demon to come out".

It taunted the priest and said: “You can't get rid of us.

“We've been here too long and you're not strong enough.”

According to Lampert, the demon woman then started growling and snarling before he breathed onto the woman.

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This is done, he claims, to act as if you are invoking the Holy Spirit.

And it was at this moment that the priest saw one of the most terrifying things he had ever seen.

He recalled: “I breathed on the face of this person, just very lightly, and as I did that the chair flew back and hit the wall.

“There was a shriek and a scream and the woman comes flying out of the chair and collapses onto the floor.

“She was literally glowing and there was a beam about her – it was like a Saint, she was not radiating her glow because it was the glory of God.

“The eyes were gone and she begins to glorify God.

“When a demon has truly been cast out the person literally begins to glow because they are no longer in the real of the devil they are in the realm of the Holy Spirit.”

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