‘Fake’ OnlyFans models take over web as expert tells people what to look out for

An expert has weighed in on the "unnatural" AI OnlyFans model images, with some fearful that the fake camgirls could dominate the web.

While there are "some indications" that the images are false, it proved popular with tens of thousands in a now viral tweet that may cause trouble for OnlyFans.

One user suggested that the fake images could be perfect for "starting a fake AI generated OnlyFans for gullible idiots" that would make it harder for real content creators to market their work.

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But little details like hair, positioning and the faces themselves may prove trickier than first believed for the surge in AI according to one expert.

Nicholas Crouch of scams.info said of the AI generated images: "In the instance of these images, there are some indications that they are AI generated. Firstly, the biggest tell is the hands, which seem to be misshaped and in unnatural positions.

"Secondly the faces of everyone in each image seem oddly similar, as if a database has generated the face and repeated the process several times.

"Lastly, as accurate as the hair may seem, upon closer inspection it would appear that areas have been blended or airbrushed over as if a programme has tried to hide imperfections within the creation."

Those issues may affect the AI for the time being, but it would appear more than a few were fooled by the computer generated imagery.

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Crouch's comments of inauthentic AI OnlyFans come as Twitter users appear convinced they could fire up the app and crack through with fake images instead of real people.

One user wrote of the image quality: "The point is not to pixel peep to look for signs it's fake or not. The point is they are already good enough to pass as real."

Several users though did just that and pointed out that looking at the fingers of an AI-generated image was the giveaway.

A separate user noted: "It's always in the fingers. Dead giveaway."

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