Fire crews had to smash down the wall of a flat as part of a 17-hour rescue operation to save a 50st heart attack victim.

The emergency responders then had to build a ramp to help the man out of his first-floor council home in Acton, West London, following a 999 call on Friday morning (January 13).

More than 25 firefighters, 15 paramedics and five police officers, as well as an urban search and rescue team – usually deployed in the event of an earthquake – attended the scene in a rescue mission costing roughly £10,000.

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Council officials also went to the scene to survey the damage to the council building, which more than 40 residents call home.

The incident began at 2am after a 999 call was made.

Medics arrived to treat the patient, known only as Manuel.

Nine hours later, around 9am, fire crews were called to knock down an outside wall to help get Manuel to safety.

The crew then built a plywood ramp, using ropes to lift up the victim from his king-sized bed and onto a stretcher.

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He was eventually carted onto an ambulance at 8pm and transported to St Mary's Hospital in Paddington following 17 hours of epic rescue attempts.

This is reportedly the third time Manuel has been the subject of an epic rescue mission, with his bed having broken during the previous attempt.

Neighbours revealed that Manuel's diet mostly consists of takeaway deliveries.

Vernon Bannister, 74, said: “Last time I went in he had the biggest TV I have ever seen. This is the third time they’ve tried to take him — the last time the bed broke.

“Now they’ve had to take half the building apart. There’s other people in this building that are sick and they have to pay for it.”

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