A man who claims to be the first pansexual in space after an 11-minute trip outside of Earth has shared the story of his unusual ‘furry’ interest.

Cameron Bess is better known as Meeps Kitten online, where he poses in a huge purple and blue cat costume and streams himself playing video games and chatting to fans on Twitch.

On December 11 in 2021, he embarked on the Blue Origin NS19 space flight along with five other astronauts, and claims to have been the first pansexual to have left the Earth’s atmosphere.

And, speaking on the PornHub podcast, Cameron revealed the story behind his unconventional interest in dressing like an animal.

The US-based content creator began by explaining that the ‘furry’ community is full of people who like “anthropomorphic animals”, meaning cartoonish animals that have human characteristics.

Cameron’s alter-ego, Meeps, is a 6 foot tall cat-like figure, and an exaggerated version of himself.

“It’s like me, but you crank it to 11,” he explained.

Cameron accepted that “there’s a lot of furry porn online”, but guessed that only 50% of the ‘furry’ community would be interested in that, preferring to envision it as a lifestyle rather than a fetish.

Despite this, when asked by host Asa Akira whether he was into furries, Cameron revealed that being part of the community had enabled him to meet his current boyfriend, with whom he is in an open relationship.

“Oh yeah, yeah. It’s just extra fun on the side,” he replied.

The Twitch streamer then went on to detail his experience as part of the Blue Origin SN19 spaceflight, under the company founded by Amazon chairman Jeff Bezos.

“Leading up to it, I felt so confident and ready. There’s like three days of training and an exam,” he remembered.

“The reason they’re able to do the training in such a short period of time nowadays is because, especially on a ship like the New Shepherd which is what I was flying on, is that it’s fully autonomous, so you don’t have to do anything.

“From T-2 minutes and 30 seconds everything is automated.”

Cameron refused to reveal how much his ticket had cost, but noted: “The entire mission, from launch to landing, is 11 minutes. It’s very quick… In zero gravity, you have about three minutes.

The self-confessed furry also identifies as pansexual, and as part of his permitted luggage, Cameron took a pansexuality pride flag to space, as well as a handpaw from his Meep fur suit.

And, he explained that, despite the flight only being short, he hopes to have broken boundaries for both communities.

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