Fisherman creeped out after catching extremely rare see-through ‘alien’ creature

A fisherman has been left stunned by a completely see-through sea creature he describes as alien-like.

With an unusual transparent animal firmly gripped between thumb and finger onboard a boat, the camera zooms in on its face as it appears to wriggle in a struggle for freedom.

Anyone looking closely enough will be able to spot the creature's head and what appear to be antennae or legs, emerging from a gelatinous-looking body sack.

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The only not seemingly clear part of the tiny sea-dwelling beastie, is its head which presumably hosts its brain above a set of black eyes.

Below the eyes, is just as freakish as what look to be countless legs or teeth begin to move at a rapid pace while being helplessly held against its will.

LadBible reports that the clip was taken at sea a while ago but has reappeared on social media with it circulating yet again in a second wind as viral videos this bizarre often do.

The clip which has been viewed around than 23million times, is captioned: “Tell me this is not an alien.”

Thousands of Twitter users have commented on the short video to share their horror at the discovery.

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“Put it back,” someone ordered.

Rather than Will Smith's character in the fictional Men in Black movies, experts in marine biology are probably best qualified to issue a verdict on what the critter really is.

And that's most likely a parasitic Phronima which roams in the deepest depths of the world's oceans.

Gruesomely, female Phronima feast on their tiny prey inside out before wearing the remains like a jacket inside of which they lay eggs and propel it through the water, for their larvae, LadBible reports.


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