A fisherman used a powerhose to empty the contents of a strange sea creature's stomach, revealing the horror contents and shocking social media users.

Some people have now said they're "done with fish" after seeing the viral video doing the rounds on social media after being posted to TikTok by @fishuntercalifornia.

The eye-catching clip begins with a fisherman shoving an industrial powerhose into the huge gob of a bizarre-looking red fish with razor-sharp teeth before he gives it a wiggle and the contents of the beast's stomach stream out.

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Among the contents is a host of fish, crustaceans and other weird and wonderful sea creatures inlcuding a sea snake and a puffer fish that was still alive.

Despite being called Fish Hunter California, it appears the account owner is based in Asia. This particular video was viewed over 6.7 million times on TikTok.

"I could’ve gone my whole life without seeing this," replied one person on TikTok.

Another joked: "Should just left them in there, throw some seasoning in, fish mouth boil!"

"Fish went to a buffet last night," a third person chimed in with.

But some people actually thought the video was staged, with the fisherman stuffing the beast's mouth with other sea life.

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"Was waiting for a beer battered fish to come out as well," wrote one man sarcastically, touching on the fact that the shrimp that came out appeared to be cooked.

A second agreed: "Wow, the fish had some frozen shrimp."

But a third reasoned: "It’s possible that acid from the fish’s stomach cooked the shrimp… like lime acid does in ceviche."

It appears the main fish in the video is a monkfish, usually found in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Monkfish, occasionally referred to as a "sea devil," are defined by their enormous mouth filled with two rows of needle-like teeth, and their monstrous faces.

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