Flight attendant ‘freaked out’ by protocol for when passenger dies on the plane

Many people are afraid of flying – whether it's because of turbulence, crashing, or getting sick on the plane.

But it never seems to cross anyone's mind about what would happen to them if they died mid-air – but thanks to one flight attendant we now know the grim truth.

The anonymous airline staff member revealed that they hate what they have to do if someone dies on the plane, which has unlocked a new fear for some social media users.

Speaking to hosts, Joe Santagato and Greg Dybec of the podcast Other People’s Lives, who go by @oplpodcast on TikTok, the flight attendant said: "The thing that always kind of freaks me out is that we have to put them back in their seat.

“And we have to recline the seat a little bit and put a blanket all up to their neck. We cannot cover their face.

“So, if it’s a full flight and the person next to you has a heart attack, and we can’t move anyone else, you have a dead person next to you until we land.

“And if someone says, ‘Is the person next to me dead?’ you have to say, ‘It appears so.'"

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The podcast presenters were horrified and naturally, so were their TikTok followers who claim they wouldn't be able to sit next to a dead body for the rest of the flight.

One user said: "That is terrifying. That has unlocked a new fear of mine."

Another added: "There is no way I would be able to sit there. No way."

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A third said: "Does the airline pay for the therapy that person will probably need? Good lord."

The news comes after TikTok star and flight attendant Kat Kamalani reveals what you should do if you are late to board your flight.

She said the gate agents usually start giving the seats to people on standby when the boarding gate is about to close if passengers are running late.

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