A "mystery predator" was caught on trail camera footage devouring a deer after killing it in a driveway.

The homeowner from New York State, US, found the deer's half-eaten carcass and reported the incident to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

In a Facebook post, the DEC said: "It is not every day that a predator kills a deer in somebody’s driveway, but that’s exactly what happened to a resident in Wilmington, NY, last week.

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"The incident was reported to DEC wildlife, with an eye-witness description of the event and the mystery predator.

"A DEC wildlife biologist responded to the scene and set up a trail camera overlooking the carcass in hopes of getting some video of the predator if it returned."

The post explained the deer was a young female weighing roughly 80lbs to 100lbs. "There aren’t many predators in the Adirondacks big enough to take down prey that size," the DEC said.

It added that the predator attempted to "cover or 'cache' the carcass", with claw marks found around the deer's head.

An injury on the lower neck is thought to have been how the beast took the deer down. It was said to have fed on its victim's front shoulder and rump.

Footage of the animal tucking into the deer has been viewed more than 59,000 times on Facebook.

People in the comments section put forward several suggestions as to what the predator could be with cougar, mountain lion and lynx among the popular guesses.

However, the DEC eventually revealed it was identified as a bobcat – just a monstrously large one.

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