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    Social media users have been left in hysterics over a viral video that showed a wild fox pooing in someone’s pint of lager at a pub.

    Victor Del Coso was enjoying a drink in his local beer garden with his friends earlier this month when he caught sight of the bizarre encounter.

    The 30-year-old, from London, saw the fox wandering around a small patch of grass for a couple of minutes, apparently looking for a spot to do his business.

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    But the video took a hilarious turn when the cheeky fox squatted down over an errant pint of beer and pooed directly into it.

    Speaking out about the clip, the pharmaceutical manager explained: "The fox was getting super close to people – normally they’re shy or scared but this one was freely walking round.

    “Then he started to have a wee on the grass by the pub, before going and sniffing a pint glass – that’s when I decided to record the fox.

    “The fox realised people – as well as me and my friends – started laughing and looked to us all. Then it continued wandering around until it left the area. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

    In the caption on the clip, which has gained more than 2.2million views on Instagram, he added: “Craft beer guys when there’s only Stella on tap.”

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    Viewers have since flocked to the comments to poke fun at the hilarious clip, as one user quipped: "Beer or c**p Beer? This is something to reflect on."

    Another added: “He knew what he was doing!”

    A third joked: “Zero fox given.”

    “Omg love that this got captured!” a fourth commented.


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