A giant asteroid is less than 24 hours from slamming straight into Earth's orbit.

Given the name 2023 HT4, the big flying rock will fly into us at around 11.20am.

According to NASA's Near Earth Objects list it measures a whopping 130 metres in diametre, which we've calculated as roughly the same as 65 legendary footballer and very tall bloke Peter Crouches standing one on top of the other.

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The former Liverpool and England striker measures officially 2.01 metres, and 65 of him would probably cause pretty decent damage if thrown into Earth's orbit.

However, despite coming very close to the planet, NASA scientists have not confirmed if any damage will be caused.

The giant space rock is actually travelling at a slower speed than most of the NEO list, flying at just 8.93 km/s – the average is around 15 km/s.

It was first spotted on March 31, 2015 when it was flying at twice its current speed.

Once it crashes into our orbit tomorrow, it won't return for around eight years, coming back to us on July 13, 2031, travelling at a whopping 19.44 km/s.

Unusually for NASA, no further trips have been listed, so it appears as that the speed at which it will return for its apparent final voyage will be so great that it will end up leaving our orbit for good.

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Should things go wrong and the asteroid change course, giving us on Earth serious cause for concern, NASA now has an asteroid destroying system ready to go after successful test were run at the end of 2022.

The scientists will actually fire a rocket at the oncoming destroyer, pushing it off course and hopefully save Earth in the process.

Called DART, the system was tested in October, and successfully managed to remove a harmless asteroid onto a different trajectory.

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