Girl reported to police for ‘religious hatred’ over Christmas song

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A dad claims his daughter was reported to the police for “religious hatred” after she “sang a Christmas song in the street”.

Matt Berry alleges that on October 17, his 13-year-old daughter Ciara was walking to school when she began singing Christmas songs with her friends.

The 46-year-old says the song, which he believes was the 12 Days of Christmas, was overheard by a Jehovah’s Witness known to the family.

He claims his daughter and her friends were later told by the wife of the man who had heard the song—who is also a Jehovah’s Witness—that she would be calling the police over what had happened.

Matt, from Berry Brow, West Yorkshire, told Yorkshire Live: “It is a right load of trouble over nothing.

“They were walking to school singing whatever Christmas song when her husband walked past. She threatened them with police.”

When Ciara returned home to tell him what had happened, Matt said he immediately called 101.

But he claims he was told the matter had already been reported to the force.

“The kids told us what had happened so we rang police and she had already called them,” he said. “She has reported religious hatred.

“It is a case of her word against the word of a few kids.

“I find the whole thing ridiculous – I could not believe it when they came home and told me.”

Matt claims West Yorkshire Police are now involved in the matter.

West Yorkshire Police has been contacted for a statement.

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