Residents were baffled when they saw a group of glowing orange UFOs lighting up the skies.

Symkai Scott, from Baltimore, Maryland in the US, was returning home with his shopping when he spotted the mysterious orbs hanging in the air overhead.

In the video he shared, the lights were staying in the sky and almost forming a triangle shape right above a park.

"So, what the f*** are these?" Symkai can be heard asking.

He zooms in and sees the aerial phenomena glowing in bright orange colour and it's completely different than the lights emitted from the street lamps.

The stunned man said: “When I first looked up, there were six, maybe seven big, bright orange lights. They were distinctly orange, solid and round.

“I also thought they were awfully bright to be seen under the street lights in the city. You can see the glare from the street lights in the video.

The 42-year-old disputed the possibilities that it could have been helicopters, drones or Chinese lanterns.

He said helicopters make noticeable noise but it was silent when he spotted the UFOs.

"“If they were lanterns, they were awfully coordinated to keep steady in that type of formation," he added.

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To search for answers, Symkai shared his footage online and what followed was a wave of comments detailing identical sightings, with witnesses coming forward in Washington DC, St Louis, Las Vegas, Detroit and other cities across the US.

One viewer in West Virginia wrote: “I had half a bottle of wine in me and thought I was imagining it. I'm glad someone was sharing my hallucination.”

Another in northern California added: “I saw about 30 of these travelling slowly in a single-file line, then vanishing within a couple of seconds.

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“That orange glow is so distinctive.”

Symkai even heard from someone saying they’d seen identical lights in Scotland.

He said: “I've gotten comments from users saying they've seen these things from Cali, from Arizona, all the way to Scotland – same formation.”

The lights vanished soon after Symkai stopped filming, when he rushed inside his building to alert a friend about what was going on.

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