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A golden retriever has missed the memo that the cone you get after a vets visit is just to be worn for a few days – and wants to wear it all the time.

Sammy the goldie bizarrely loves to wear his cone, even when he isn't ill or injured, his owner said.

The cone – designed to prevent dogs from licking wounds or stitches post surgery – has become universally known as 'the cone of shame', but the dog refuses to listen to the negativity and wears his cone with pride.

In a TikTok video posted by his owner’s account @tell_your_dog_I_said_hii, his owner picks up the cone and holds it out in front of her.

Unusually for a dog, the retriever calmly trots straight over to her with a toy in his mouth and pushes his head straight through the hole.

The overlaying text reads: “He’s not injured. He just really likes wearing it,” as he runs off to continue playing with his stuffed teddy.

The video, captioned ‘why tho? #doesyourdogdothis’ has racked up 777,000 views on the popular video sharing app – and some viewers think they know why he’s so keen to wear the cone.

One suggested it’s because he "gets lots of attention and loves", while others suggested he must associate it with "something good".

Another wrote: “Not a cone of shame – a cone of pride!”

A third said: “This has got to be the only dog in the world that enjoys this.”

Golden retrievers account for a huge amount of canine content on TikTok, with 14.8billion views on the hashtag #goldenretriever.

In another viral video, a goldie called Mango was less than impressed when her owner put her on a diet.

Her puppy dog eyes melted the hearts of viewers as she gazed up at the camera looking totally fed up at the tiny portion put in her bowl.

The diet was on the order of Mango’s vet, rather than the choice of her owner, so the poor pup was all out of luck.

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