Google Earth user stumbles upon ‘960ft cargo ship’ abandoned in Antarctica

A Google Earth user has claimed to have found a "lost ship" in Antarctica with images of the "captain's quarters" visible from space.

Scott C Waring, who previously claimed he saw a "proof of life of a pink alien on Mars ", said he stumbled upon an abandoned ship not far from an alleged UFO crash site.

The purported alien expert, who is well-known for his truly outrageous claims, shared his discovery on YouTube and said: "This abandoned cargo ship is probably on its way to be recycled.

"Maybe there was a storm so the tug boat cut it loose and I found it here in Antarctica."

In the Google Earth images he shares, the so-called "cargo ship" appeared on the edge of the ice-covered land.

He points out the shaded area and says: "It has tags, lines around the freight area. It could be some kind of nuclear submarine… but I'm not a marine, navy guy.

"Let's take a look at the edge of the ship, it looks like a fence so that people won't fall overboard.

"It's like a cargo ship, guys. The heightened area here with the captain's quarters."

The truth-seeker then measures the size of the "ship", reporting he believes that it's about 295m (967ft) long and 32m (105ft) wide.

He also said the "cargo ship" and the surrounding area disappeared for a certain period of time when he scrolled along the timeline.

"In October 2011, it was there and two months later, we see nothing. It's gone, everything's gone, it's disappeared," Scott added.

Viewers failed to see the "cargo ship" after watching the video.

One said: "I only see ice…. Stay focus on real videos please."

Meanwhile, another UFO fan shared an old NASA photo taken in the 1960s and claimed he spotted a black triangular flying object above Earth.

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