A Google Maps user was bemused to come across an image of a horse seemingly blindfolded.

They uploaded the picture to Reddit, and it was met by a string of comments from subscribers, some more helpful than others.

The picture, taken in Holland, Michigan, USA, shows the horse in a field with its eyes covered.

Many people suggested it is simply a measure to help the horse sleep.

One said: "Big booty sleeping." A second wrote: "He is sleeping don't disturb him."

While a third said: "Nod's as good as a wink."

Another user suggested the picture is actually an optical illusion and is in fact two horses.

But Reddit users were still curious about why the horse was blindfolded.

One said: "Ok now that makes sense. Now what about the face that is covered?"

Someone suggested the horse's owners were protecting it from flies.

Eagle-eyed Google Maps users are used to coming across strange things on the site.

Recently one came across what they thought was a giraffe in a garden in North Wales.

They uploaded the photo to Reddit, which shows a number of buildings and fields with a red circle included.

When viewers zoom in on the circle, there does appear to be a giraffe-shaped creature with a shadow next to it.

Meanwhile, a Google Maps user spotted spooky "ghost hotel" building that "was never there" with mysterious "phantom" buildings found next to Manchester Magistrates Court.

A Twitter user called Kimberly reported the phenomena which she claims are "weird phantom buildings."

She tweeted: "What the f*** are these weird phantom buildings on Google Maps. They're just clipping into other buildings. They're not real. WTF."

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