Google Maps users were mesmerised when they spotted a man appearing drive away from a Street View car before pulling off a series of bizarre stunts.

The man, known as "Loosii Ninjas", appeared on the virtual guide map after contributing images of the neighbourhood in Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York City to Google Street View.

But he shot to online stardom when Reddit users discovered him going on a wild chase on the road.

The clip, made up of snapshots on Google Street View, shows Loosii driving a motorbike on an empty road.

The man in all-white jumpsuit appears to realise he has been spotted and starts to pull off some tricks.

In one frame, he sits backwards and acts as if he is driving towards the car. Then he turns around and continues driving until he reaches a warehouse, where he abandons his vehicle and starts running into a hollow hut.

The clip sparks Reddit users' interests and they found more Street View images featuring Loosii.

In another one, Loosii is seen playing with an office chair along the ship yard outside a WeWork building in the same area.

The frame-by-frame photos show the man going around the building entrance and falling off the chair on a slope.

Some viewers tried to find the starting point of the series of stunts and realised the user had submitted more than 1,300 images on Google Street View.

One said: "It starts so much further back and the guy does so much other weird s***, no idea what's going on."

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"He actually turned around while driving the moped, like backwards," a second commented on the man's stunt. "I love how he got to confident and crashed, only to jump quickly up to show the Google car."

A third wrote: "You can submit your own photos and photospheres to Street View.

"These are user-submitted, so the person with the camera is part of the set-up."

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