Google Maps users were left terrified by a scarecrow that they claimed looked like a dead body.

Reddit user @Cinnamonbunns2 claimed to have been looking for parking near a nightlife venue called 'crystal ballroom' in Portland, Oregon, when they came across a shadowy figure.

The person-shaped creation was stood with its arms out, with a white carrier bag over his head – leading some to believe the sighting was a corpse rather than a scarecrow.

One user called him a 'handless man' with a bag on his head.

Another referenced recent murders in the area, adding: "A guy was shot and killed at midnight two weeks ago in front of the old Starbucks at 20th and Morrison. Totally not a bad area to walk around at all lol."

A third commented on the picture: "It's a scarecrow. You can see the ends of the arms and legs are tied off to hold in the stuffing."

A fourth replied: "Well, it did its job… it scared me."

A fifth said: "Don’t park there."

However, it's not the first time someone believed they found a dead body on the app.

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Last year, Google Maps viewers spotted what seemed to be a sinister discovery in a remote spot.

Satellite images revealed an aerial view of what looked like two bodies lying side-by-side in what appear to be graves dug into a ditch.

But the viral images are not quite what they seemed to the terrified Maps users who stumbled across them online.

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Each grave is open with a large pile of dirt next to them, suggesting they have been freshly dug into precise rectangles that appear custom-sized to fit the men.

No one else can be seen in the vicinity and there is not a shovel in sight.

But it was later revealed that the men pictured in the graves are in fact a married couple acting out pieces of performance art.

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