Gruesome autopsy photo of faceless man sparked fears of alien abduction

A young boy who made a grisly discovery at the dumping ground of feared drug cartels may have uncovered proof of an alien experiment, conspiracists claim.

The 10-year-old boy, named Francisco, was digging along the edges of the Guarapiranga Reservoir near São Paulo in Brazil, hoping to find interesting bugs or frogs. But he found something much more disturbing.

Francisco had just found a two-inch water scorpion, and was preparing to put it in a sample jar, when his attention was attracted by a group of circling vultures. He threw a stone to scare them away so he could see what it was that had attracted their attention.

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What he saw on that day in September 1988 was a pale, naked human corpse. The man’s face had been “surgically” removed and, it was later discovered, several of his vital organs had apparently been sucked out of his body.

Podcaster Mr Ballen explains: “He had several very serious and very strange physical injuries. He had these four perfectly circular 1 to 1½-inch diameter holes drilled into his body.

“There were two right above his chest, sitting above his armpit. There was one that was right over his belly button so his belly button was gone – there was just a hole where it had been – and there was also one in his crotch.

“These holes were not crudely done, they were done with surgical precision, almost like whoever had done it was using high-end medical tools to make these cuts.”

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What was unusual about the Brazilian police’s response to this horrifying discovery, was how low-key it was. After an initial flurry of activity around the lake, the scene was “sanitised” and no statements were issued to the media.

With no news, public interest in the mystery soon waned. Within a few months Francisco’s discovery was all but forgotten.

But then, a leak from the coroner’s office revealed a whole new dimension to the case. It was in 1994 that grisly photos of the body found their way into the public domain, along with the baffling autopsy report.


One chilling detail concerned the dead man’s vagus nerves. The twin nerves, running almost the entire length of the torso, control various functions such as digestion and heart rate.

The nerve has an additional function of “shutting down” any non-essential processes within the body in situations of high stress, so that all available energy can be devoted to dealing with the threat.

Mr Ballen explained: “In this dead man's case, his autopsy revealed that his vagus nerve had gone absolutely wild right at the moment of his death. This suggests that this man was very likely alive when his face was being surgically cut off and those holes were being drilled into his body and his organs were being vacuumed out.

“At some point, the excruciating pain that came from these horrible things happening to him got so bad that his vagus nerve basically turned off his heart.”

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By now, the story had come to the attention of Brazil’s UFO community. The area where the body was found is a known hotspot for UFO sightings, and farmers nearby had long complained of “cattle mutilation” incidents decimating their livestock.

Many now believe that the horribly mutilated body found at Guarapiranga was the victim of an alien abduction, and that the strange circular incisions had been made by some extraterrestrial instrument in order to extract the unfortunate man’s organs.

The absence of any official statement from the Brazilian authorities, even after the details leak, only helped to intensify speculation that whoever, or whatever, killed the man had used extraterrestrial technology that would not have been available to some cartel hitman.

The truth will probably never be known for certain, but the frequent UFO sightings in the region, and the bizarre and inexplicable nature of the unidentified man’s injuries, will keep this story alive as one of the most disturbing tales of mankind’s interaction with beings from another world.

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