Heat pumps rollout rejected by 95 percent – ‘not fit for purpose’

What is the £5000 boiler heat pump payment?

The UK Government hopes to install 600,000 heat pumps annually by 2028, offering Britons a £5,000 grant towards the cost. Despite the drive to help meet net-zero climate targets, just 60,000 heat pumps were fitted last year and a new Express.co.uk poll has shown 95 percent of readers do not plan on having one.

Some 25 million British homes are heated by gas boilers rather than green energy sources. Compared to 17 European countries, Britain came last in the number of heat pump installations with just two new heat pumps for every 1,000 homes — compared to Finland’s 69 per 1,000.

Dr Jan Rosenow, of the Regulatory Assistance Project, explained: “There is an idea that heat pumps don’t work in cold climates, but more than half the households in Norway have one.”

In a poll that ran from 6pm on Monday, April 3, to midday on Wednesday, April 12, Express.co.uk asked readers: “Do you plan to get a heat pump?”

A total of 3,266 readers responded, with 95 percent (3,090 people) answering, “no”, they do not plan on installing a heat pump. Just four percent (137 people) said, “yes”, in support of having a heat pump on their property, while one percent (39 people) said they did not know.

Dozens of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on heat pumps.

The overall argument among readers was against heat pumps, with username Anon1000 commenting: “No. They are not what they are cracked up to be, are too cumbersome for most properties and are a rip-off price.”

Similarly, username johnmac said: “No heat pump. I’m not buying into this net zero nonsense.”

Username herbert wrote: “Not a cat in hell’s chance, I will stick to my gas boiler and log burner.”

While username Markukk explained: “I really wanted to get one but I have researched it and they are not fit for purpose.”

And username TerryHughes added: “ It would be very inefficient in the majority of UK households.”

Despite this, heat pump performance was tested in 742 properties of varying sizes and ages as part of a Government-funded study last year tested, and the findings showed that no house type was unsuitable.

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