Here's how iPhone users can replace Siri with ChatGPT

How YOU can replace Siri with ChatGPT on your iPhone to harness the AI’s powers with the sound of your voice — but there’s a catch

  • The iOS shortcut lets you interact with ChatGPT with your voice
  • ChatGPT can do complex requests which would baffle Siri
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A new shortcut allows Apple users to ‘replace’ Siri with the revolutionary AI program ChatGPT on their iPhones and iPads.

The technique effectively upgrades Siri with the full power of the chatbot, giving it the ability to dictate emails, suggest recipes and even write song lyrics from scratch with a basic prompt of just a few words.

The device will continue to respond using Apple’s voice — but it draws on the chatbot’s algorithms and is no longer limited in length. 

Only people who have a premium developer version of ChatGPT will be able to replace their Siri with the AI model, though. 

Here’s how to activate it: 

The shortcut allows you to control ChatGPT via your voice (Twitter)

The shortcut has been devised by AI software builder Wrigley McKay. 

Once enabled, you simply tap on the screen, then speak to ChatGPT as if you’re speaking to Siri (as always with ChatGPT, it’s best to speak in natural language).

Writing on Twitter, McKay said: ‘I created an iOS shortcut that allows you to replace Siri with ChatGPT. It blows Siri out of the water.’

Using the shortcut (you can enable it by tapping on screen, or by asking Siri, ‘Hey GPT’), enables you to get spoken responses from ChatGPT.

Enabling the shortcut is simple, just follow this link on iPhone or iPad device.

On screen, you’ll need to select, ‘Get Shortcut’, then ‘Open in Shortcuts’.

You’ll then be prompted to add your OpenAI API key – you can find these here if you’ve got an OpenAI account.

You’ll need to press Get Shortcut, then Open in Shortcuts

To enable it, follow this link and opt for a paid-for model

To use the shortcut, simply tap on screen and speak while the timer shows.

Responses occasionally take a few seconds, but it’s generally almost as fast as Siri itself.

According to analytics firm SimilarWeb, ChatGPT averaged 13 million users per day in January, making it the fastest-growing internet app of all time.

It took TikTok about nine months after its global launch to reach 100 million users, and Instagram more than two years.

OpenAI, a private company backed by Microsoft Corp, made ChatGPT available to the public for free in late November.

ChatGPT fast facts – here’s what you need to know 

It’s a chatbot built on a large language model which can output human-like text and understand complex queries

It launched on November 30, 2022

By January 2023, it had 100 million users – faster than TikTok or Instagram

The company behind it is OpenAI

OpenAI secured a $10 billion investment from Microsoft

Other ‘big tech’ companies such as Google have their own rivals such as Google’s Bard

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