A woman was left distraught after she went to get a tattoo on the inside of her lip, only to realise afterwards that the tattooist had inked her on the outside of her lip.

Venting on TikTok, Wilma Hägglund, from Sweden, shared a clip of her getting her new tatt but left in screaming and in tears when she realised she had been tattooed the word 'meow' pretty unmistakably her bottom lip.

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Writing in Swedish, Wilma said via TikTok: "he tattooed on the wrong place in my f****** mouth" before showing the intended design of a woman with the word on the inside of her lip.

Finally, her actual tattoo is shown, looking far less discrete than her original idea.

The clip has since gone viral though many are wondering how on earth she didn't realise what was being done.

Users commented asking if she was drunk when she got it while some blamed her for not being clear about where she wanted it.

One user said: "Were you passed out during? How do you not feel the placement difference? Didn’t you have to hold your lip open? HOW girl how?”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “I’m literally mad that you just didn’t notice or say anything like this is on you.”

“Why…Did you not notice they were tattooing it outside?” a fifth asked.

Tattoo fails are sadly not uncommon.

In April of this year, a woman was left devastated and crying for a whole day after a tattoo artist botched a Medusa tattoo she asked for.

Aleyna Renae provided a detailed picture of the mythical woman and her hair of snakes, but what she received bore little resemblance with Medusa having wonky eyes and poor shading.

In the caption, she added: "And the tattoo artist has been blowing up my phone and gaslighting me."

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