Hottest and funniest mugshots of 2022 that public has lusted over and laughed at

Whether the photo is particularly smoldering or bears an uncanny resemblance to a celebrity, recent years have seen a rise in the number of mugshots going viral.

The 'world's hottest criminal' Jeremy Meeks' mugshot was so popular with women enamored with his looks, he began a modeling career after his release from prison in 2016.

And plenty of other crooks have made for a hilarious and sometimes eye-catching mugshots that have caused a stir when they were shared by cops.

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Now, your Daily Star takes a look at how social media reacted to some of the quirkiest custody photos released by police this year.

The mug shot is standard procedure when a suspect is arrested and often released to the media for identification purposes once they're convicted.

Often police will release a photo of a wanted person in an appeal for the public's help in tracing them.

But sometimes a convict's mugshot can attract attention for different reasons.

Wanted Woman

An unnamed woman who was arrested for child endangerment sparked a bizarre response online as people seemed turned on despite her alleged offence.

The suspect, who was posted on Instagram page Mugshawtys which showcases smoldering mugshots, received a warm reaction from followers.

She was captured wearing a candy pink and white striped top as she looked straight at the camera.

The post received 4,766 likes in just one day as people flocked to comment on her appearance.

One person said: "I wanna get lost and endangered in her hair."

'Steal My Heart'

Tattooed shoplifter Kat Todd's 'mischievous' mugshot went viral when she was busted for theft earlier this year.

She accidentally walked out of a Louis Vuitton shop with two $1,500 (£1,338) charms instead of one and was swarmed by police officers.

But when her mugshot was shared on Mugshawtys on Instagram, she had an army of admirers on Instagram begging her to steal their heart.

Kat, 22, later revealed to the Daily Star that she is the brains behind a racy webcam house where women live stream sex acts.

'Humberside Heartthrob'

Robert Rimmer, 36, whipped social media users into a frenzy when his photo was shared by Humberside Police earlier this month.

Cops wanted to speak to Rimmer in connection with drugs offences, but they were swamped by comments from admirers who wanted to find him first.

His chiseled mugshot attracted thousands of comments from men and women who offered to hide him.

And despite police warning the public not to approach the heavily tanned and tattooed suspect, many were keen to dismiss their advice and even "cuff" him themselves to Rimmer.

'Fit Felon'

Convicted burglar Jonathan Cahill was accused of stealing hearts in January by admirers online when West Yorkshire Police appeal prompted more than 7,000 comments from swooning fans.

Dubbed a "fit felon" by one wag on social media, Cahill was wanted for breaching the terms of his release, but cops were flooded with comments like: "He can hide under my bed any time".

It wasn't long before Cahill was back behind bars, breaking the hearts of thousands of fans.

But singletons were left shocked earlier this month when they matched with a Tinder profile using his photos.

Crimes Against Fashion

Greater Manchester Police appealed for help in finding Shaun Aver, 36, for breaching the terms of his prison licence last week.

But the criminal's Greggs-branded jumper that he was wearing in his mug shot led to dozens of people urging them to check some of the bakery chain's stores across the north west.

And he was accused by witty social media users of crimes against fashion and baking an entering.

One quipped: "The fashion police may have him. That jumper is a crime in itself."

Another added: "Wanted for baking and entering and possession of an offensive jumper."

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