Elon Musk activates SpaceX Starlink service over Ukraine

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SpaceX will send another of its Falcon 9 rockets above the Earth with 60 Starlink satellites carefully loaded on board. The broadband service has been fully operational for several years now and has plans to grow significantly by the middle of the decade. Britons who wish to sign up for the service have to pay a premium compared with other providers. So, how much exactly does it cost to get?

How can you get Starlink in the UK?

To order a Starlink kit you just need to head to the company’s official website and confirm your purchase details.

The Starlink coverage map currently shows that its services extend as far north as Aberdeen, but anyone living in areas beyond this point are not covered.

Starlink has been available to most Britons since the end of 2021, though the price for it has recently increased.

As of May 9, 2022 the firm issued a price hike to all of its existing customers of around 20 percent.

Today, it now costs $599 (£480) for new orders or $549 (£440) for existing deposit holders.

The money pays for the Starlink antenna while a separate monthly subscription fee must also be made. In Britain the cost amounts to £88.

Analysts have warned that rising inflation could mean that prices swell even further by the time we reach next year.

Residents can also opt for a more lucrative service from the broadband provider called Starlink Premium.

Starlink Premium advertises speeds of between 150 and 500Mbps (20 to 40ms latency) compared to the 50 to 250Mbps (20 to 40ms latency) that users get with the standard service.

The company claims that upload speeds are also doubled – a maximum of 40Mbps compared to the regular 20Mbps. There are, as yet, no data caps on the service.

According to the Starlink website: “Starlink Premium has more than double the antenna capability of Starlink, delivering faster internet speeds and higher throughput for the highest demand users, including businesses.”

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But it does cost an eye watering $2,000 (£1,600) more than the standard service.

Starlink Premium will set you back $2500 (£2,000) for the hardware and then $500 (£400) per month on top of that.

Customers of the broadband provider have previously complained that the service can be unreliable.

For example, Starlink has noted on its website that “a single tree” can interrupt users’ service.

Earlier this year SpaceX founder Elon Musk tweeted that Premium may not run into the same issues, though, as it has “twice the area of our standard phased array with broader scan angle”.

At present Starlink has more than 2,100 Low Earth Orbit (LEOs) based ultrafast broadband ISP satellites in service.

By 2024 the firm plans to deploy a total of 4,425, to help grow its scope of coverage around the world.

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