A "monstrous" asteroid is set to speed past Earth at 52,000mph in what experts are saying is "potentially hazardous" to the planet.

The hefty asteroid, also known as RM4, is expected to pass by Earth on November 1, measuring anywhere between 330 and 740 metres in diameter.

NASA released the measurements through their Centre for Near Earth Object Studies.

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Any object that comes within a 120million miles radius of Earth is listed as a "near-Earth object", and this asteroid is set to join that list.

The asteroid will shoot past Earth and continue its trajectory 105million miles away, although NASA do categorise this as "potentially hazardous".

Asteroids within the 'potentially hazardous' sphere have an orbit around the sun larger than that of Earth's, and the two occasionally cross paths.

NASA will move the trajectory of an asteroid, Fox News reported, recently moving the orbit of an asteroid named Dimorphos.

Asteroid RM4 currently orbits the sun every 1,397 days, or every four years, and often has "potentially hazardous" encounters with Earth.

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Despite NASA giving this asteroid the all clear for any imminent danger, they say that the next apocalyptic asteroid collision could happen next century.

Asteroid Aphosis is the most likely problematic piece of space debris headed for Earth, which is an asteroid flying so close that people will be able to see it with the naked eye.

Richard Binzel, professor of planetary sciences at Massachusetts Institute Technology was reported by Korniche as saying the asteroid was getting closer and closer to Earth.

Professor Binzel said: "Apophis is in the category of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) – asteroids with orbits that bring them very close to Earth now and for centuries in the future."

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