‘Huge Bigfoot sceptic’ baffled after finding giant ‘bipedal’ footprints in mud

Bizzare footprints left in mud converted a non-believer into thinking that Bigfoot was on the loose.

Self-declared 'huge sceptic', David Trujillo, posted to the Bigfoot Believers Facebook group sharing his interesting discovery.

He shared an image of a dip in some muddy terrain, which he considered to be Bigfoot's large toes. To make his findings clearer for the group, he shared a second image outlining what he thought was a foot shape as he thought the picture "didn't do it justice".

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David explained that he had been scouting for an elk hunt in northern New Mexico, US, last weekend when the odd track caught his eye. He posted: "We were at least four miles in with no roads or trails for miles in any direction. I outlined what was more visible to me, the picture doesn’t do it justice.

"There were two tracks, looks bipedal, no claw marks and very deep in dirt not mud."

David added: "I’ve spent most my life hunting and hiking in the wilderness, I thought I’ve seen or could explain just about anything, this one has me a little baffled. By the way I am a huge skeptic, have to see it to believe it!"

Other believers were just as in awe as David was and applauding him for his unusual discovery. One user commented: "Great catch, well-spotted!" Another added: "Looks like a legit squatch track to me."

However, despite the group being full of Bigfoot believers, there were some people who doubted that the tracks were 'legit' and instead criticised the explorer. One user asked: "Why is a bear not being considered in this case?" Another said: "Why is there always just one?"

A third user poked fun at the original poster, as they said: "Bigfoot have been known to leave prints and then just stop like they moved into another dimension."

Replying to the sceptics, David explained: "We saw a lot of elk and deer tracks, but all were weeks or months old. This was the only fresh track we found in the area, appeared to be only a couple days old."

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