A video of a strange beast hurtling through a forest has been hailed as evidence of Bigfoot or even a werewolf.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by Connor Flynn @bigfootanonymous a dark shape appears on the left-hand frame.

The hulking creature appears to have a shaggy pelt and run on all fours as it careers through the woods in the black and white trail cam footage.

Another clip appears to show the animal with a wolflike muzzle, which has divided opinions as to what the creature could be.

Connor, the author of Eery Swamps, uploaded the clip on Friday (October 15) with the caption: "Werewolf or sasquatch?"

Sasquatch is another common name for Bigfoot, a mythical beast some people believe is lurking in the forests of North America.

The clip was watched more than 15,000 times on the video-sharing app and many people waded into the debate.

One user commented: "Dogman/Wolfman. It has to be a wolf/canine-like beast because of the way it crawls and the 3/4 profile.

"Its strides are slightly different than apes."

A second believer commented: "What I seen in 1972 was a 7ft werewolf and never want to see it again you can't go back to innocence after you see these things THEY ARE REAL."

"That's a wolf… correction that's a werewolf," wrote someone else.

Another person commented: "That's either a Squatch (Sasquatch) or more likely a bear."

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Someone else said: "I came within one foot of Bigfoot for years I thought it was a gorilla that got loose, 1965."

"I was wondering where my ex-wife went," quipped another user.

This comes after a man wildly claimed a family of Bigfoots knocked out his friend and killed his dog on a camping trip from hell.

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