A traumatised hunter who claims he saw Bigfoot said he fired an arrow at a huge beast – but it wasn’t bothered and just picked up its little one and walked off.

The alleged incident took place in the autumn of 2013, November 9, in Duchess County, New York State, USA.

In a report in theBigFoot Field Researchers Organisation(BFRO), the eyewitness said they initially thought what they saw was a bear, but after trying to scare it saw two creatures emerge from the bush.

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One of them was “eight to eight and a half feet tall”.

The eyewitness said: “I was out hunting when I saw a creature that I thought was a bear.

“Then a second, much smaller creature that I realised was a Bigfoot, come out of the brush.”

The hunter added: “I shot at them with my bow to scare them, and the larger one, which must have been eight to eight and a half feet tall picked up the smaller one and placed it on its back and walked, not ran, away.

“I then quickly packed up and ran to the UTV I was using.”

The incident was later followed up by one of the BFRO’s investigators, Lisa Gilmore, who claimed they had spoken to the witness via telephone in an attempt to verify the information.

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She reports that what the hunter saw, from about 200 yards, “was brown in colour and appeared to be foraging in the brush for food with a smaller creature close by.

“He observed the creature for a period of about one minute before he realised that it may in fact be a Bigfoot.”

The hunter was frightened by what he saw, “and decided to aim his bow at the Bigfoot and fired a shot at the creature. The smaller creature climbed on the back of the larger one.

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“The larger one then stood up and they walked for about 100 yards away from the witness before disappearing out of sight.”

She added: “The witness did tell me that he spends much of his time in the woods hunting during the fall months and has observed bears before, but has never seen creatures like these.”

She said that the distance the hunter had seen the creature form had concerned her, but in an effort to work out if a sighting was still possible she went out into the woods to recreate the situation.

After rigorous testing, Lisa said she was able to identify the creature using various types of binoculars.

“I did go out to the area of the sighting. I did not find any evidence of Sasquatch, but still feel very strongly that the witness did see something that was not a bear, but indeed a Sasquatch.”


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