Hunter’s footage ‘proves ghosts in UK church’ after ghoul tells him to ‘get out’

A ghost hunter claims to have proof of a real ghost after bizarrely being told to “get out” of a haunted British monastery.

Yorkshireman Andy Pollard, also known as the Yorkshire Ghost Guy, had the scary experience while walking around Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds.

Leeds Live reports how the bloke went during an afternoon when it was “well lit” and took a Safe Range EMF meter with him.

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For those who are not clued-up on the terminology of ghost hunting equipment, the meter detects electromagnetic fields by using a bright LED array on a tiny device going from green to red depending on strength.

Also called a K2 machine, it is a bit like a Geiger counter used to detect nuclear waste.

And while he was there, he claims to have detected the “strongest ever” recordings he had seen.

He said: “I arrived mid afternoon so it was still light. It was my first visit to the Abbey and I wasn’t disappointed.

“After a brief walk around the grounds I began my investigation in the Chapel House – it was here that I was lucky enough to capture some of the strongest K2 responses I have ever recorded.

“Straight away the responses started and they were really strong, this is odd because a lot of the time on investigation I capture very little or no activity on the K2.

“This was made all the more strange because to the best of my knowledge there is nothing in the chapel house that could affect my readings – no wires or power source."

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"I came away with a few odd audio clips but not that many, I often find that on investigation it’s either one or the other, audio or visual.”

According to Andy, one of the voice recordings he captured has audio footage of something telling him to “get out”.

He now plans to return there to explore further.

The abbey was built around the year 1070 and established as a monastery in 1152.

It was last used as such in 1538 and has a Grade I listing.

The vast majority of the building no longer has a roof, but it is available to the public to walk around whenever they want . . . unless a ghost tells you not to.

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