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    Liz Truss's time as Prime Minister is on the chopping block after a disastrous start to life in Number 10 – leading some to say that, like me, she’s a wet lettuce.

    I decided to uproot myself from the Daily Star live stream keeping tabs on who can last longer and head down to show the British public what a real gem looks like.

    I rolled up at Downing Street on Tuesday (October 18) to let Liz know that if the people of Britain were going to have a vegetative entity at the top of the tree, it might as well be me.

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    The bus to the Prime Minister’s house was quiet a

    And the British public’s desire to have a new vegetable at the top of the tree was obviously pulsing through the air.

    Next to me, pointing, a mum of one lifted her finger in front of her infant’s face and said “look at that green man, isn’t he nice.”

    Rolling off the bus I made my way across Westminster Bridge and past the seat of our democracy, the Palace of Westminster, to single-handedly tell the PM her time was up and that there was a new sheriff in town.

    Onlookers stopped and stared as I went, grabbing snaps of my green and pleasant leaves and chuckling to themselves – I assume they were just happy because they knew lame duck Liz was about to realise this town ain’t big enough for the both of us.

    To follow the race in real-time, we've set up our very own 'lettuce-cam' so you can see the vegetable go bad in real time. To check it out, just watch the YouTube video below

    Heading up Whitehall, amazed little children and blokes falling out of The Red Lion stared at me with equal amazement.

    Ignoring their taunts of “alright cabbage man” I pushed forward undeterred – it was like they hadn’t seen a lettuce before, which was surprising because surely most of them will have followed loose-cannon Liz’s first few weeks in power?

    When I arrived my core focus was to get on the right side of the gate and into Downing Street. Butterhead, armed guards blocked my path.

    Standing bravely in front of the wrought iron fence I bellowed, “that’s quite enough Liz, I’ll take it from here,” but neither she nor the coppers with rather large guns seemed particularly bothered by my efforts to lay claim to Britain’s top job.

    I was all heart as I made my demands, hoping others would take a leaf out of my book and join in the calls that Liz Truss can no longer Romaine.

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    While no one started chanting “all hail Caesar [salad]” the message had clearly sunk in and as I left Westminster I was sure that this was only the tip of the iceberg for this exciting new political movement.

    After a passionate belting out of Paul McCartney’s Let ‘Em In, I decided there was nothing for it but to head off back to the Daily Star live stream and wait for the political system to do its work.


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