‘I can see into the future – losing control of civilisation should terrify us’

A psychic has warned humans are on course to "lose control" of artificial intelligence as it gets smarter.

Brazilian investigative paranormal Athos Salomé, dubbed the 'living Nostradamus', claims to get his psychic insights from the study of occultism, mathematical applications and calculations based on the ancient discipline of Kabballah.

He's previously enlightened the Daily Star with a swathe of predictions about King Charles III, the return of the Antichrist, and the finalists of last year's World Cup.

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Now the fortune teller has had a chilling vision about AI, claiming humankind could "lose control" of our own creation, posing serious problems for the future of civilisation.

The seer told the Daily Star: "The prospect of a super intelligent AI […] brings existential fears.

"If an AI surpasses human capability in all areas, we could lose control over its actions and consequences.

"It is essential that discussions on security and governance are initiated from now, aiming to prevent potential risks in the future."

He chillingly added artificial intelligence has "motivations unknown" and could be being "controlled" by something other than ourselves.

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"AI is being controlled by something unknown and with motivations unknown to human ability, is an interesting speculation to observe, as AI systems are developed and controlled by humans, based on specific algorithms and data," Salomé added.

He also said that while AI will "transform" many aspects of our lives including trips to the doctor, it won't necessarily all be for good.

"AI will transform various fields, including medicine," the psychic said.

"While AI may aid in diagnosing and treating diseases, bringing possible 'miracle' prescriptions and more complex mapping of causes, it will be chaos to consult with a 'virtual doctor'."

The psychic took the opportunity to warn policy-makers that now is the time to act to stop things from getting out of hand – before it's too late.

"As AI becomes more sophisticated and independent, challenges arise about who is responsible for any errors or harmful consequences arising from their decisions," he added.

"It is critical to establish clear ethical standards and appropriate regulations to ensure transparency and accountability in this evolving field."

And it's not just Salomé who has issued a warning over the lack of laws around the new tech.

AI and risk management expert and University of Stirling Honorary Professor, Markus Krebsz, said the topic of AI was "fraught with questions" and urged lawmakers to "act now".

"AI is one of the most dynamic and fast-moving areas in technology and business today," he said.

"While products with embedded AI bring many positives to our daily life […], it’s also fraught with questions.

"Developing a globally aligned recommendation and guidance on regulation, standardisation and compliance around AI has to be a priority, and it is crucial we act now."

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