An OnlyFans star was rescued by RNLI crews after she became cut off from the shore by the tide while taking topless photos for her followers.

Michaela Ogilvie, aka Kayla Evelyn on Twitter and Instagram, was walking along the beach near Dumpton Gap, Kent when she spotted the cave, and thought it would make the perfect backdrop for some saucy snaps.

The 32-year-old, originally from Scarborough, stripped down to her underwear for the photoshoot for her OnlyFans after becoming a full-time content creator back in February following a car accident.

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She was admiring the view afterwards when she realised the tide had crept in, and she was stranded.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Kayla explained: “I took myself on a little skate on my longboard to Viking Bay and I was coming back along the beach and I got to Dumpton Gap and I looked at the tide time things.

“It said low tide, high tide but I don’t actually know what those mean.

“When I was walking along the beach I was that at the moment, I saw the cave and thought ‘Oh that would be really good to take photos’.

“I went in the cave and I got undressed to take the photos but I had vans on and everything so it took me a while.”

Luckily because of her former job as a care worker, she knew to call 999 to request help from the coast guard.

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She added: “I couldn’t get back to Dumpton Gap and I couldn't get to Ramsgate. I couldn’t even walk through the water, the Ramsgate slope was around a quatre of a mile away and I could see it but the sea was too deep, it was crashing off the walkway.

“If I had tried going through that I would have ended up smashing against the walkway so I called 999.

“It took them [RNLI] 27 minutes to get me but by the time they came there was barely any sand at all, the water was all around the rock I was standing on.

“The water level was higher than me, the sea could have just filled the cave. I thought about going back into the cave but I thought no what if it fills up and I end up drowning.”

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Once her rescuers arrived they told her she was going to have to get a “little wet” for them to get her on the boat.

Kayla jokingly told the crew that she didn’t care but asked them if she could have a minute to put her Moncler jacket in her backpack to keep it from getting ruined.

“I’m really up for the mick being taken out of me a little bit because I’m really stupid but it puts the point on it to ring 999 for the coastguard,” the 32-year-old explained.

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“999 WhatsApped me and asked me to share my live location but it wouldn’t share because I had no signal it wouldn’t share. Luckily, even though I was panicking and everything I thought ‘Right I’ve got my Snapchat location, we can send that’.

“That might help other people. I was able to even message when I got home and say ‘thank you so much’.

“They were all amazing, they were absolute legends, I definitely want to do some fundraising for them [RNLI] in the summer.”

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