It's an earth-shattering claim, but Russ Kellett says he’s a “super soldier” fighting in an intergalactic war.

He reckons aliens have abducted him multiple times from his seaside home – whisking him to battles all over the world – and beyond.

And Russ, 58, is convinced he underwent disturbing medical procedures at the hands of a race of 15ft-tall invaders.

The author has produced drawings to support his claims.

Russ evens says he developed chronic fatigue syndrome and PTSD from his time spent fighting.

He said: “I have been abducted at least 60 times. The first time was when I was 16 when I was travelling home on my motorbike.

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“I went through a tunnel that I’d never seen before, and the next thing I knew, I was in what looked like a dentist surgery, with 15ft tall alien men, that look very much like Dracula without the sharp teeth, surrounding me.

|I had some sort of tube pushed down my throat, and whatever liquid they pumped into me, it turned me into one of their super soldiers.

“For the past 30 years, I have been part of their army fighting the opposing race, the ‘Dragos’ which are tall and scaley with heads like dragons.

“I’ve been gone for years, and people don’t realise, as four hours here is four years on one of the planets I’ve been to.

“It’s honestly no wonder why I used to be so tired in my day job, the amount of time I’d be gone for!”

Russ, from Filey, North Yorks, added: “I’ve fought in battles across the UK, Europe, and South America, and I’ve even fought in different battles for territory in space. Each time I’ve been abducted, I’ve been transported to a room covered in checks, kind of like a chessboard.

“In the centre of it is a glass ball that can transport you through time as well as teleporting you anywhere in the known and unknown universe.”

Russ, who shared a drawing of the chess board, claims there are several different races of aliens – and there has been a war between two different races for years.

He said: “There are so many different races, but I struggle to remember the names of them all.

“I’m certain that one of the races have wiped my memory of certain happenings and some of the times when I was abducted.

“I’ve spoken with other abductees, and they’ve said the same thing happened to them, it’s quite worrying.”

Russ hopes that by sharing his story, more people will understand what’s going on “under their noses”.

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