‘I’m a tattoo artist – this is what we mean when we say we’re fully booked’

The way someone speaks at work is usually completely different to the brutal honesty they would really mean outside of it.

A tattoo artist has taken to TikTok to translate some of the phrases she uses while dealing with customers at work – including what artists really mean when they say they're fully booked.

Keeks, who posts under the username @keeksandkooks, shared examples of the things she says at work while claiming they are just her views and she "doesn't speak for the whole community".

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One of the ones she frequently says is: "I think it looks better this way, but it's your tattoo and at the end of the day, I want you to like what we put on you".

She explains this really means: "I think this is a bad design, but you seem to really enjoy it and I'm not trying to steal your joy and if it makes you more confident, that's all I want."

If a tattoo artist tells you to be still because the part they're about to do is really important, then Keeks said it actually means: "You've been sitting about as still as a 10-year-old on a sugar high and this part is really important so please hold still for me right now."

If you decide to take a partner to your tattoo appointment for moral support, then your tattoo artist may say: "If your boyfriend wants, he can come take a seat, he doesn’t have to stand there and be uncomfortable".

The tattooist may actually mean: "Your boyfriend has been standing over me for the past hour making weird comments and if he doesn't sit down and be quiet, he's going to be kicked out".

Keeks also explained that she may have to tell you the type of tattoo you want isn't really something she can do, saying: "That's a realism piece and I don’t really have experience with realism, it's not really my strong suit, it’s not something I can confidently guarantee you will translate to what you want."

Put simply though, she means: "I don't know how to do that and make it look good and if I try, I'll screw it up and you're going to get mad so I'm not going to do it."

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She also translated what it means when a tattoo artist tells you that they're fully booked – and it isn't always what it seems.

Keeks said that the sentence: "I'm sorry dude, I'm not going to be able to tattoo you any time soon, I'm booked out for the next eight months".

But it could have one of two meanings, one being: "I really am booked out for the next eight months, I really am sorry but I'm not going to be able to fit you in anytime soon."

The other said: "You're the worst, I hate tattooing you, you know what you did and I'm trying to get you to go to another artist."


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