A luxury yacht that’s perfect for high-flyers! Incredible 242ft yacht uses a foil system to ‘fly’ across the water – but it will set you back £70 MILLION

  • The Lazzarini Design Studio has released its latest concept yacht model
  • The firm previously created a huge £3million spaceship-style superyacht

A luxury 242ft-long yacht has not only been designed to take you on the high seas but also to ‘fly’ above the water — as long as you have a spare £70 million.

The impressive design concept – called the Plectrum – was released by the Rome-based Lazzarini Design Studio.

Built out of dry carbon fibres that make it extra light, the Plectrum uses a foil system so it can rise above the waves and glide along the water at up to 75 knots.

The superyacht’s hull mimics the shape of the latest design of Prada’s 2023 America Cup sail boat models. 

Italian creators at the Lazzarini Design Studio have released their latest concept yacht called the Plectrum (pictured)

The luxury 242ft-long yacht has not only been designed to take you on the high seas but also to ‘fly’ above the water 

Thanks to its three hydrogen powered motors capable of 5,000hp each, it can lift itself above the water’s surface.

The foil system can be adjusted depending on the cruising needs and can change width from 49ft (15m) of beam, with closed foil when the yacht is berthed, up to 65ft (20m) of beam while the yacht is sailing on high speed.

The flexible design results in ‘a different super yacht configuration which will allow much faster sea traveling than conventional similar size ships’, designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini explained.

The four-tier yacht has six guests cabins along with a shipowner sweet, a swimming pool, and a helipad.

It also has a helicopter hangar, a central garage that can fit two tenders and a rear garage for water toys and a supercar.

At the moment, the yacht remains a concept boat with no set release date to be on to the market. 

Built out of dry carbon fibres, that make it extra light, the Plectrum uses a foil system to be able to rise above the waves and glide along the water at up to 75 knots

The four-tier yacht has six guests cabins along with a shipowner sweet, a swimming pool, and a helipad. Pictured: Features of the Plectrum 

Who is Pierpaolo Lazzarini and what does he design? 

Pierpaolo Lazzarini is an Italian designer who works creating prototypes and concept designs, using artistic visualisation.

His company, Lazzarini Design Studio based in Rome, either supports entrepreneurs at the beginning of their design process or gets projects ready to launch on the market.

When creating concept designs, they use a number of 3D technologies and software to create very detailed images and videos.

The company works on everything from yacht design, automatives, product designs and even floating architecture.

Foiling refers to the use of hydrofoils that are attached on the hulls of fast boats, which help lift a moving boat and reduce drag.

This provides additional lifts when the boats reach planning speeds.

By installing the hydrofoil, it means the hull can be completely lifted out of the water.

The Italian creation is said to be a ‘super light yacht’, entirely composed and constructed using dry carbon fibre composite materials, which helps it reach its fast speeds.

Lazzarini explained: ‘The Plectrum is a concept that can be built on request with an 80 million Euro budget.’

It is not the first futuristic yacht Lazzarini has designed, however.

Last year alone he designed three jaw-dropping yacht designs all with weird and wonderful features – and all costing millions.

One of these designs was the Air Yacht. 

The extravagant design, also made out of dry carbon fibre, could reach 60 knots thanks to four solar-powered electric propellers and two helium-filled blimps, allowing it to fly, hover and float on the water too.

It is able to stay in the air because its blimps are inflated with a gas that is lighter than air – in this case helium – while it gets momentum from its massive propellers.

The overall length of the dry carbon fibre structure would be nearly 300 feet (150 metres), with a width of 260 feet (80 metres), while the main central deck would measure 260 feet in length and 30 feet (10 metres) wide. Passengers’ suites go around the concourse of both blimps 

The Air Yacht features all the trappings of a prestige boat, but takes to the sky thanks to two huge blimps, which look much like zeppelins 

According to Lazzarini, the craft could fly at a maximum speed of 60 knots – nearly 70 miles per hour – for more than 48 hours.

An exact price tag was not put on the Air Yacht, unlike the Plectrum, but the designer said it was being created in mind of people with hundreds of millions to spare.

In March, a design was also released of for Lazzarini’s £418million Sovrano, meaning sovereign in Italian.

The huge boat is a hybrid mix of a private yacht and a cruise ship.

The vessel features platforms on either side of the main deck that results in a beam – the width at its widest point – of 108ft (33m). It has a length of 555ft (169m).

The £418million (€500million) Sovrano is described as a hybrid between a private yacht and a cruise ship 

Above is the sunken oasis on the vessel, where palm trees surround a swimming pool and gym access area

Owners can decide on whether they want to use an electric motor or hybrid propulsion system which will power it along at 18 knots (20.7mph) or 31 knots (35.6mph).

If it were ever to be built it could become the widest yacht in the world.

With the ability to house 50 guests inside, in 20 private suites, the five-deck yacht also features a sunken oasis where palm trees surround a swimming pool.

It also has quarters that can fit up to 60 crew members.

The designer said the extortionate yacht would either suit an incredibly wealthy individual or alternatively a group of owners who want to travel privately around the world.

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