A glam influencer running in an election has promised all men can receive free penis enlargement surgery should she be voted into power.

Potential member of parliament Juju Ferrari promises the procedure will be free for all should she be voted in as the federal deputy for Sao Paulo, Brazil in the upcoming election.

The Brazillian stunner holds a hefty 4.2million followers on Instagram and is currently standing in an election that could prove popular with men in the region.

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Her campaign promise of penis enlargements could clinch her the election as the Instagram model provides the "matter of health" a political platform.

Ferrari's promise would make penis enlargement surgeries free on the health service if a medical recommendation for the procedure could be acquired.

The push for free penis enlargements comes as Ferrari claims it would improve a patient's self-esteem and improve their sex life.

Speaking out on the issue, the Instagram influencer said: "I always get messages from men talking about this surgery, saying they want to have it but the cost is too high.

"It’s a popular procedure that will restore the self-esteem of many people out there."

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She continued: "Sexual health is important and I will pay attention to that. After I spoke about this policy, I received several messages of support. Even women like the idea."

The sexual health advocate believes that, should testosterone treatment or hormone supplementation fail to work for small-membered men, they should be offered penis enlargement surgery.

Ferrari believes it's so important an issue that the country's Unified Health System (SUS) should foot the bill for any and all potential surgeries.

The influencer explained: "It’s not just about the aesthetics, it’s a matter of health. People already have so many problems on a daily basis, they shouldn’t have problems in bed as well.

"Those who need it have to do it, and the SUS should pay.

"I am not afraid of being criticised out there, I am very focused and determined in politics. I will be bold in my proposals."


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