Inside £34m doomsday bunkers that can survive nuclear war and the apocalypse

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened Europe with nuclear war on several occasions in the last few months – and now a new set of luxury doomsday bunkers have been launched.

Designed by Swiss company Oppidum, the huge fortified underground homes will cost an eye-watering £34 million.

And regardless of how long despot Putin keeps a nuclear war going, should he decide to launch one, the bunkers have their own self-contained energy and air supplies.

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Called The Futurist, it will also be blast proof and have an air lock with built-in decontamination chamber.

Also contained in the massive space is a vault to store collections of art masterpieces, gold, cash and other valuables – should you have any of those and want to store them.

The modern underground layout is tailored to "the most powerful individuals in the world" and acts as a gallery to display and protect valuable fine art.

Wealthy clients can opt to have it built next to or under their existing residence, typically beneath the property's garden or driveway space.

Oppidum said: “Our first priority is protecting what clients cherish most; loved ones and friends alongside precious invaluable objects ranging from the intrinsic to priceless.

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“With the collection and preservation of fine art often a focal point for Oppidum clients, the Futurist serves many purposes.

“First, the Futurist protects clients while also preserving one-of-a-kind pieces in the setting of a modern art gallery underneath the home that can be accessed at any time easily only a few steps away.

“Oppidum also delivers the bank-level security of a vault in a special space specifically made for properly showcasing, lighting, and preserving each piece and objet d'art.”

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All of the bunkers are fully customisable, depending on the price you're willing to pay and exactly what your family's needs are.

Architect Marc Prigent designed Futurist with the emphasis on modernity, with the designs likened to a “modern-day castle with a pleasing, minimalist contemporary approach”.

Oppidum Founder Jakub Zamrazil added: “While protection and comfort are absolute necessities, Oppidum also recognises that life is about much more than perfect security.

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"(The bunkers) serve as an extension of the home, a special place for showcasing and preserving precious pieces that the world cannot simply recreate."

The price point might be prohibitive to pretty much everyone, however, with only those in the money bracket of Russian oligarchs able to afford them . . . ironically.

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