Inside ‘haunted’ castle like a ‘horror movie’ that’s filled with eerie statues

An urban explorer has given fans a glimpse inside a sinister-looking castle dubbed the 'Chateau des Sculptures' for its creepy stone faces.

The Chateau de Sculptures can be seen towering over the tall, frostbitten overgrowth, with sculptures around the outside.

Two female sculptures appear to be smiling at one another but to the side of them, they are joined by a very angry-looking man with a beard.

There are other creepy stone faces carved into the stone of the arches as the windows are bordered up with sheet metal that has turned red with rust.

The roof, as seen in the aerial shots, has been damaged by a fire that broke out in the building years ago.

However, the statues remain unscathed.

The explorer behind the Urban exploration photography Facebook page posted a series of dark images to their fans, showing what they called a 'magically beautiful' castle – but others seem to believe it's haunted.

The photographer wrote: "A long time ago there was a fire in this once beautiful chateau and since then it has been uninhabitable and falling into disrepair.

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"The huge statues at the back of the huge property were a real eye-catcher!

"Simply magically beautiful."

But the site seemed to send chills down the spines of their followers as they claim it is haunted and compared it to the set of a 'horror movie.'

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One user said: "A haunted castle, like out of a movie. Scary…. scary."

Another added: "Now that would be a great movie set."

A third wrote: "Creepy but cool."

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A fourth commented: "It kind of reminds me of the movie the Haunting."

The photographer, who is German, did not disclose the location of the Chateau des Sculptures to protect it from further damage.

The news comes after urban explorers unearthed a boot-shaped house hidden deep inside some woods in the UK.

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The tiny, moss-covered property seems to have been forgotten for decades as leaves and vines have begun climbing the walls to take the house back to nature.

The stone shape of the boot looks perfectly preserved, while its wooden roof has certainly seen better days.

Fans of Abandoned UK claimed the site parallels the nursery rhyme about the old woman who lived in a shoe.

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