Inside spooky house full of religious pics whose owners ‘vanished overnight’

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Eerie photos have been taken of an abandoned house whose owners appear to have vanished overnight.

Leeds-based urban explorer Kyle Urbex got inside the empty property, dubbed the ‘Pope house’ due to the amount of religious pictures hanging on its walls, and was blown away by its spooky atmosphere.

Photographer Karl said the place looked as though the occupants had suddenly walked out and never returned, adding that there was even a car sitting idle in the garage.

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"The main living room had a picture of the Pope hanging above the fireplace, and throughout the property there were various photographs of Christianity-themed figures," said Karl.

Upon climbing the stairs he then came across some sovereign coins as well as two pristine guitars, but the general state of the property wasn't good, reports The Mirror.

“The upstairs bedrooms had been ransacked and rifled through with all family photographs sprawled across the floor,” he added.

But, despite the mess, much of the house was just as the owners had left it, with paperwork dated as recently as 2018 and addressed to a Miss Agnes Curinhimala Paulos lying scattered all around.

What became of her and why she apparently had to leave in such a hurry is anyone’s guess.

Karl continued: "The main thing that stood out was how eerie it felt due to it having been a once loved family home which now sat silent and empty in the darkness.

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“I also uncovered a garage outside which boasted an old-style Peugeot 206 locked away within," said Kyle, who left the property having failed to solve the mystery behind the owners' disappearance.

”(The place) was genuinely frozen in time," he added. "It's as though if the occupants just walked out one day and never returned."


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