Inside ‘world’s largest brothel’s’ NYE kink party with compulsory spanking

Punters hoping for a wild New Year's Eve at the world's biggest brothel could be set on fire, the Daily Star can reveal.

Earlier this year, we spoke to Emily Rose who revealed to the Daily Star exactly what it is like behind closed doors at Sheri's Ranch in Nevada, US, where she has to pay around £2,000 to stay for two weeks.

The Ranch, which is a legal brothel in Pahrump, is home to around 20 to 30 women at one time, and brings in the best part of £25 million per year from horny men and women.

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And now they are hosting a huge New Year's Eve party in El Paso, Texas called HellPaso.

On the official event listing, which the Daily Star has seen, it states: “We'll have tons of kinky performances as well as demo stations where you can try spanking, flogging, needle play, wax play, or fire play!”

It is only open to those aged 21 and over, as is the law in the United States.

But speaking exclusively to the Daily Star about the party, Emily said: “This is the first time we were invited to do a new year's event.

“This venue started inviting us to do Take Overs earlier this year, so we've done a handful there. “These aren't so much profitable for me since I donate it back to the Dungeon.

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“My only income is from tips I make from my part of the demos – I do try to pull non-sexual BDSM clients from these events though.”

For anyone wanting to attend, it'll cost you between £15 and £20 – and you won't be allowed to get away without taking part in some special games.

Emily added: “Naughty games vary, we don't like to do the same one every time.

“We do the alphabet game sometimes where you have to name something from each letter of the alphabet and get spanked for each letter.

“If you can't come up with one, you'll get spanked until you do.

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“I think our Hell Takes Over events are a lot of fun and a good way to introduce the community to kink in a safe way, since all of our Tops (sex workers) are trained to do each activity safely.”

During her chat with use earlier this year, Emily Rose admitted that she lost all sense of what's considered standard bedroom activity after 12 years of tending to a wild range of client requests – but not all involve a steamy romp.

Specialising in BDSM and kinks, she told how a lot of what “normal” people would find weird is part of her everyday life.

She said: “I do not know what civilians find weird because it doesn't register as anything weird to me.”

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Rather than sex, Emily says it is intimacy that many of her clients crave, so much so that she hardly ever just has straight sex.

Instead she counts goddess worship and pet play as part of her catalogue of services.

She said: “Most people that see in-person sex workers tend to want that connection more than anything.

“I have a lot of clients who just want to talk and cuddle, so straight sex is not something I do very often.

“I relate well with people in a one on one setting. So that's why I thrive in what I do instead of stripping or events like that."

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