A UFO conspiracist has left viewers baffled after capturing an odd-shaped "craft" hurtling past in front of ISS cameras in space.

The footage came just days after SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule narrowly avoided a UFO during its journey to the International Space Station.

Graham, who was watching NASA's live footage on Tuesday (April 27), captured an unknown flying object "revealing" its true form as the ISS was going over Indonesia at around 7.30pm.

Posting on his YouTube channel Conspiracy Depot, the truth-seeker explains: "The ISS High Definition Earth Viewing cameras point down towards Earth so you can usually see clouds and sky in the footage when it's in the daylight."

On the left side of the frame, a hemisphere-shaped UFO appears for a brief few seconds and shows what looks like an "arc" before disappearing in the dark again.

Graham slows down the footage and zooms in on the object and the mysterious shape can be seen moving in front of the space station from right to left.

He adds: "It doesn't stay in shot for long, but I think we can all agree it's not an artefact, an anomaly or something that can be easily explained.

"I believe what we have caught is some kind of craft that is normally well-hidden by the night sky but gives itself up just for a few seconds."

By enhancing the screenshot of the UFO, a "V-shape of lights" is revealed, which suggests it could be "circular in nature", Graham comments.

Viewers were amazed by the sighting and praised Graham for the "great find".

"Great capture!" one said. "Another YouTuber's shared a video from two days ago. It has an object that looks the same."

A second added: "Great catch, nice one."

But one suggested it could just be space debris.

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